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In CALIGULA MAXIMUS, Alfred Preisser and Randy Weiner’s play about the notorious dictator Caligula which begins previews at the Ellen Stewart Theatre in New York on March 12, director Alfred Preisser is celebrating the body beautiful, casting competitive bodybuilders Myra Adams and Roxanne Edwards as gladiatrixes. Coney Island sideshow tattooed muscleman Tim Dax and marine Raheem Green, who sports a “Born to Kill” tattoo, will play gladiators.

CALIGULA MAXIMUS takes place on the last night of Caligula’s life, in his palace where he is stage managing, directing, and starring in one of his famous “entertainments” which test the limits of human intellect and appetite. Caligula, played by Ryan Knowles, sensing the encroachment of monotheistic religions (Christianity and Judaism) holds a phantasmagoric revival meeting in which he attempts to save the world by ushering in a new religion with himself as its principle prophet and god. Preisser’s vision for Caligula’s “senate” includes an outrageous collection of circus performers, wrestlers, animals, show girls and freaks that enact his spectacles and indulge his whims and fantasies. As the revival meeting reaches fever pitch, his troupe grows weary of being used as toys, gains a sense of their own power and, bedecked in the war paint and leather costumes of barbarian invaders, descend upon him and murder him in mob frenzy. Six different languages will occur throughout the production in song and at the Coliseum. Expect circus, music, dance, rhetoric, and the unexpected.

Myra Adams

Myra Adams Photo by Dan Ray

In 2000, Native New Yorker Myra Adams (Baduhenna) discovered a new love of physique training in the gym, and in 2004 became a certified personal trainer. This led to her first bodybuilding competition in June 2005, the NPC Atlantic States, in which she won 1st place middleweight.

After successfully placing 1st and 2nd in subsequent NPC shows, Myra started competing on the national level in November 2007. She will be preparing for her next bodybuilding competition at the Master’s Nationals in Pittsburgh, PA in July 2010, where her goal is to earn professional status and compete on the professional level. She can currently be seen in her training video at

A professional electric bassist for more than 30 years, Myra currently holds the position of Assistant Musical Director for Brooks Church in Jamaica, NY. Her diverse and extensive musical background has allowed her to experience many different cultures, including that of Japan and Malaysia.

Tim DAX Photo by Michael Alago

Tim DAX Photo by Michael Alago

Tim DAX (Germanicus) is a new genre of tattooed muscle actor, training mind, body and physical aesthetics as one contiguous and harmonious representation of self. Experienced in theatre, television and film, from classical to contemporary. Single handedly carving his own niche in the acting world, Tim has been building his resume in New York City with a plan to move west to Los Angeles later this year. Small town raised, big city educated Tim DAX is ready to take himself to the next level and be your next sci fi action hero… or villain.

Roxanne Edwards

Roxanne Edwards

Roxanne Edwards (Sappho Sabratha) has been a National Level Competitive Body Builder since 2006. She is also a fitness model ( & Muscle and a personal trainer. Roxanne has competed in 20 shows, placing top 5 in all but 3. She placed 1st in 4 shows-the 1995 ANBC NYC Naturals, 2000 Eastern USA’s, 2004 Musclemania NY and the 2005 Musclemania Super Body. She is currently preparing for the Master’s Nationals in July 2010, as well as the North Americans in Sept 2010. In March, 2009, Roxanne placed 6th in the world, at the Arnold Amateurs Middle Wt Womens Division, and in June, 2009, she received 2nd Place in the N.P.C. Jr Nationals. Read about Roxanne in
Roxanne Edwards Rebel With a Cause , Women & Off Season Weight Gain, and
Brian Moss Talks.
Check out this video: Roxanne Edwards Trains Back 3wks Before the Jr. Nationals
Join the Roxanne Edwards Fan Page

CALIGULA MAXIMUS stars Ryan Knowles as Caligula, Justine Joli, adult film star and Penthouse Pet as Caesonia, Luqman Brown as Sulla, Lady Circus troupe aerial artist Anya Sapozhnikova as Drusilla and JerZ Short as Helicon. Rounding out the cast in multiple roles are Alexandra Bernard, Angela Buccinni, Claire Buckingham, Eric Dorfman, Alicia Giangrisostomi, Jeff Goldfisher, David King, Jessica Krueger, Andrews Landsman, Channing McKindra, Ella Mische, Alexandra Petrova, Charletta Rozell, Alicia St. Louis, Aaron Strand, Miriam Tabb, Jenny Weinbloom and Elian Zach.

Opening night is set for March 19th and the show will continue through April 3rd. Performances are Thursday and Friday at 8pm, Saturday at 8pm and 10pm. CALIGULA MAXIMUS is presented by La MaMa e.t.c., a project with Hammerstein & Weiner, LLC, Christopher McElroen, Alfred Preisser and Kingsize, USA.

Ellen Stewart Theatre
66 E. 4th St.
Tickets are $30, $25 for students and seniors and can be purchased online at or by calling the box office at 1-866-811-4111. For more information, visit

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