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Tuesday, March 30, 2010; Posted: 03:03 PM – by BWW News Desk

The Cosmic Pool of Alfred Preisser and Randy Weiner's CALIGULA MAXIMUS. Photo by Lia Chang

The Cosmic Pool of Alfred Preisser and Randy Weiner's CALIGULA MAXIMUS. Photo by Lia Chang

Audience’s are taking a cue from hedonistic Roman emperor and shedding their clothes in the final Cosmic Pool scene at CALIGULA MAXIMUS, Alfred Preisser and Randy Weiner’s outrageous circus themed theatrical extravaganza, currently playing at the Ellen Stewart Theatre, 66 E. 4th St in New York through April 17th.

“We take it as the highest compliment that our show is working, and the message of the play and spirit of our incredibly talented cast is being successfully communicated to our audiences,” says co-writer Randy Weiner.

Weiner continues, “In our exploration of the character of Caligula, we always knew we would need to have performers who were naked, but we never contemplated audiences joining in. After the first incidence of audience nudity, we thought this was an aberration by an exceptionally exuberant audience member. But now it appears to be a fairly consistent occurrence at our show.”

Co-written by Alfred Preisser (Co-Founder, Classical Theatre of Harlem) and Randy Weiner (owner of the notorious night spot, The Box) and directed by Preisser, CALIGULA MAXIMUS is set on the last night of the infamous dictator’s life.

Ryan Knowles stars as Caligula, adult film star and Penthouse Pet Justine Joli as his wife Caesonia, Lady Circus troupe aerialist Anya Sapozhnikova as his sister Drusilla, Luqman Brown as Sulla, the peanut vendor and JerZ Short as circus master Helicon. The show features award-winning competitive bodybuilders Myra Adams and Roxanne Edwards, Coney Island Sideshow tattooed muscleman Tim DAX and an outrageous collection of over two-dozen circus performers, wrestlers, showgirls and freaks.

Rounding out the cast in multiple roles are Alexandra Bernard, Angela Buccinni, Claire Buckingham, Alicia Giangrisostomi, Jeff Goldfisher, Raheem Green, Sarah Hassan, Naima Yetunde Ince, Bill Johnson, David King, Jessica Krueger, Andrews Landsman, Elinor Lerner, Channing McKindra, Alexandra Petrova, Charletta Rozell, Alicia St. Louis, Tricia Storie, Aaron Strand, Miriam Tabb, Jenny Weinbloom and Elian Zach.

CALIGULA MAXIMUS has sets and rigging by Evan Collier, costumes by Laura Clarke, lighting by Christopher McElroen, musical direction and lead guitar by Joe Shavel, musicians Kareem Clarke (bass), Jeremy O’Brien (drum/mayhem), Brendan Scharen (rhythm guitar), Joel Siegel (drums/conga), whip consulting by Chris McDaniel, stage management by Mike Yrigoyen, and press by Lia Chang.

Presented by La MaMa, e.t.c., CALIGULA MAXIMUS is a project with Hammerstein & Weiner, LLC, Christopher McElroen, Alfred Preisser and Kingsize, USA.

Performances for CALIGULA MAXIMUS, at the Ellen Stewart Theatre, 66 E. 4th St., are on Thursday and Friday at 8pm, Saturday at 8pm and 10pm, through April 17th. Tickets are $30, $25 for students and seniors and can be purchased online at or by calling the box office at 212.475.7710. Tickets must be picked up at the box office which is located at 74A E. 4th St. For more information, visit

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