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Updated: March 3, 2011
Performances for CALIGULA MAXIMUS 2011- to be announced- at the House of Yes in Williamsburg, New York. Stayed tuned.

Thanks to the talented team of Roberto Serrini, Michelle Vergara and Jamie Ward of for their superb coverage of CALIGULA MAXIMUS.
The Concrete Brothel gets a V.I.P. pass to the hottest urban theater action in NYC – Caligula Maximus – at the La Mama theater in the heart of the East Village.
Director: Alfred Preisser
Writers: Alfred Preisser, Randy Weiner
Starring: Ryan Knowles, Justine Joli, Jerz Short, and many many more.

Visuals: Michelle Vergara, Roberto Serrini
Editing: Roberto Serrini
Audio: Jamie Ward

Presented by La MaMa, e.t.c., CALIGULA MAXIMUS is a project with Hammerstein & Weiner, LLC, Christopher McElroen, Alfred Preisser and Kingsize, USA.

Performances for CALIGULA MAXIMUS, at the Ellen Stewart Theatre, 66 E. 4th St., are on Thursday and Friday at 8pm, Saturday at 8pm and 10pm, through April 17th. Tickets are $30, $25 for students and seniors and can be purchased online at or by calling the box office at 212.475.7710. Tickets must be picked up at the box office which is located at 74A E. 4th St. For more information, visit

Click here for the CALIGULA MAXIMUS Articles Archive.


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